It’s Day Two of getting back to my regular schedule. Last night I attended a meeting for this year’s WordCamp organization. I had a small salad and a cup of tea for dinner, since we met at a restaurant at dinner time. The meeting was pleasant and productive, and I got home at about the time I would usually finish dinner and cleanup and settle in for knitting. I did a couple of rows of Ravinia, my Zombie project, though it is not highest priority.

Then I did the dishes and went to bed to read for a while. This morning I overslept — though I am trying to prioritize sleep — but got through my morning routine and to work just a few minutes late.

That was two meetings yesterday, and I have a phone meeting this afternoon, plus our team meeting on Friday. Three meetings per week is my personal limit, and I will have reached that today, just on Tuesday.

I made the nice apple pastry shown above yesterday while I was on the phone, cause I have also had a lot of phone calls.

Sometimes I think I should work on handling meetings and other human connections better. In fact, during the past few months of social overload, I’ve thought that it might be a good experiment for me. After all, we’re told that we need 6 hours per day of social interaction for “a robust sense of well being.”

We don’t all feel that way.

#1 son went to family camp last week. Before he left, he was telling us he knew he would have to spend a lot of time with people, and they would be chatty, and he would have to tell them things he didn’t want to tell them.

I know just how he felt.

Over the past few months, I probably have had six hours of interaction most days. I don’t think it has improved my life at all. I may have gotten closer to some people, and certainly I have enjoyed all the family time. I have had some intriguing experiences: the aquarium trip, the alpaca farm, the concert and play I was in… all these things have been fun.

But the sleep/eat/move equation has been completely disrupted and I’m still stressed. I’m behind on work and feeling bratty. And I missed my vacation entirely.

The conclusion seems inescapable: too much human contact isn’t actually good for introverts like me.