We had staff meeting today, complete with The Baby. I wrote my required blog posts, deposited my paychecks, cooked and cleaned, and then settled down with Ketch and a cuppa to watch this evening's knitting movie (part of this month's KLL assignment).

This is a Margaret Rutherford portrayal of Miss Marple, in a story which was I think not written by Agatha Christie at all.

There was a bit of knitting. Rutherford is clearly an actual knitter. I think it's harder now than it used to be; actresses in those days would have knitted as a matter of course. In fact, I can quite believe that the knitting in this movie was just what Rutherford was carrying in her bag anyway.

"We've read your statement, Miss Marple," the detective says austerely at one point. "We don't believe it, but we've read it."

In other news, the Google Analytics social media account shared a blog post of mine. It brought a few hundred visitors to us, and my kids in staff meeting poo-poohed it, saying that the people who would follow Google Analytics would be our competition, not our clients.

But I think it shows our expertise and authority and I'm quite proud of it.

I also made a sale this week and we are well out on the blogging and nearly through with the annual strategies, so I feel that I deserve a quiet evening of old movies and knitting.