My husband is probably not too kind, because one can’t really be too kind. But he does have an extremely irritating habit of occasionally — not often enough for me to be able to prepare for it — cooking lunch for me.

That doesn’t sound bad, I’m sure. But there are two things that make it bad. First, he uses the ingredients which I have invariably planned to use for some specific purpose. Today, for example, I had a couple of hours between church and church meetings, so I was planning to make Bolinhos de Bacalhau, a Portugese version of fish croquettes (see above) for which I have a special seasoning mixture.

My husband was asleep when I left for church, so I didn’t have an opportunity to tell him my plans, even if I had had a premonition about it. When I got home, the cod was in the oven, cooking.

I probably could have gone ahead and made the Bolinhos, but for one thing — the second issue with my husband’s cookery.

His idea of seasoning fish for the oven is to sprinkle every spice mixture we have on top of it. This means that the fish is always salty, and usually chaotic in flavor. Never actually delicious. Add to this the fact that the fish goes into the oven at a random time, and my fish is not delicious.

Lunch for me is almost always fish and salad. I put some effort into making it delicious and varied.


Clearly, this is a kind impulse on my husband’s part, and not something I can complain about.

The weather continues beautiful. I must work for an hour, but then I hope to squeeze in a little more work on the quilt before the meetings begin.

Yesterday’s quiet day was just what I needed. I got in my 10,000 steps for National Fitbit Goal Day, I got about halfway through quilting the border, and while I certainly spent quite a bit of money while out shopping, it was a sensible laying in of stores for the future rather than frivolous spending, so I feel good about it.

I am thus ready to plunge back into the meetings of the week. Two today, two tomorrow — possibly three, since I am waiting to hear from a potential — one on Tuesday, one on Thursday, and presumably staff meeting again on Friday.