I spent much of yesterday — like five hours in two shifts — at Starbucks in the next county. Today I’m scheduled for a couple of hours at a Japanese restaurant. I have a breakfast scheduled tomorrow morning, plus coffeee in late morning and an afternoon phone meeting. Friday I spent two hours in a coffeeshop cum bookstore.

It is not amazing that I have a lot of writing that hasn’t gotten done.

I was describing these things, in talking with Janalisa, as “networking.” We’ve found that we geta lot of our new business from networking. She disagrees — not with the fact that networking brings new business, but with the idea that hanging out in coffee shops can be called networking.

These people, she says, are already in my network. They’ve asked me to speak at something or hired me for something or referred some business to me already. Networking is apparently about addding people to one’s network rather than talking with the people you’ve already added.

I don’t know about that. I do know that I enjoyed meeting the new people yesterday and I look forward to talking with the people I have coming up on my schedule. If it isn’t networking, it’s mere fun, and perhaps I shouldn’t be letting it interfere with writing.