My favorite new carol, this year as well as last year, is “Born on a New Day,” by John David and Peter Knight. I truly love this song. The great John Rutter chose it as one of the best new carols, too, so it’s not just me.

Why we don’t get to hear this over and over at the mall and on the streets at this time of year, instead of “Frosty the Snowman,” I cannot imagine.

The Cambridge Singers and the Kings Singers have recorded this. Let’s have both!

Used to be I had to track down tinny middy files and sheet music for my musical advent calendar, but now I can give you videos of practically every song. It might have been more creative the other way, since I had to suggest arrangements and ensembles and also to describe the feeling of the music in ways that made sense, not to mention providing lyrics.

Now you can hear the songs performed. This might be better, or it might just be more passive.

Today I got back to work after the weekend, but both my husband and #2 son are here relaxing, playing games, eating things… it’s surprising how much that makes me feel like not working.

Even so, I got my grades turned in so the semester is over, and I got all the blogs done and all the client phone calls made. I stopped working at a reasonable time, made Tortellini with Ham, Spinach, and Brown Butter for my family, and watched a movie with my sons.

#1 son was out of sorts. #2 son said he was being a jerk, but I figure he has a secret sorrow of some kind. It’s hard to tell from the outside which of the two is going on. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.