I have been just surviving from one day to the next, unable to do anything besides work, read, and knit because of severe vertigo. What a stupid health problem to have!

Although working, knitting, and reading are probably my favorite activities. If I could also exercise, clean my house, cook healthy meals, and bake, I wouldn’t complain. Choir would be nice, too.

In any case, I entertained myself today by uploading my DNA file from Ancestry to Genomelink and getting an Ancient Ancestors report.

Uploading the file gave me a free report confirming that their analysis also showed I am descended from Northwestern Europeans. That’s not new information, though this analysis found tiny fractions of other things as well.

Here’s the ancient part, though. The chart generator got excited about my 12% hunter gatherer heritage, but I see that my ancestors were about half and half farmers and pastoralists. On the historic farmer/rancher controversy, the possible conflict between Cain and Abel, I’m pretty evenly divided. Slightly more pastoral, I guess.

5,000 years ago my ancestors were farming and keeping sheep in Europe. Possibly cattle I suppose, but I figure probably sheep.