The New Girl started yesterday, and today she and The New Guy helped put out a little fire. We were in our respective home offices communicating via skype and it was going well. Then The New Girl said I needed to wrangle The New Guy.

She must not have realized she was talking in the group discussion. In the event, it looked like tattling. We worked it out. Shortly thereafter, they had a sibling-like convo about something she knew how to do and he didn’t. I stepped in, in a motherly fashion, to chide them.

“Let her show you how,” I said. “We can all learn from each other.”
“You go ignore us!” she said.

I did so.

They are roughly the ages of my younger kids.

We got the work done. The New Girl said it was harder than her previous job, but fun. She’s sharp and hasn’t been fazed by anything yet. I think it’s going to work out well.