Normally, Pantone gives us a Color of the Year (Ultraviolet, this year), followed by a Spring fashion palette and a Fall fashion palette, both of which include the Color of the Year.

I’ve also seen other palettes for interiors, or extras like this nice Cuban palette unrelated to seasons.

This year, they emailed me a new palette, called Dreamscape, out of the blue. See it at the top of the post. It’ pastels with a great Silver neutral. Probably just right for an old lady with gray hair like me.

It doesn’t include the color of the year, though Bouganvillea is close (closer to violet than any Bouganvillea I’ve ever seen, for that matter). I’m quite determined to continue with my teal and brown Fall Collection, but I’m surprised by this pastel palette being presented at the end of summer.

A reminder to put on a pink sundress and enjoy some lemon sorbet before fall closes in?