We have new team members; we’ve added three this year so far (doubling our numbers if we ignore the contractors, who are too important to ignore except in this kind of numerical talk) and are talking with some more.

This is pretty exciting.

One of the things we do with new team members is have them take the StrengthsFinder’s assessment.

#1 daughter has been trained as a trainer for this system, so she’s good at getting information from it, and also it’s fun.

StrengthsFinder tells you your top five strengths, based on something like a million subjects. “Strengths” in this context are the things you probably can do well and which you probably enjoy.

We like to say “Superpowers.”

The Art Prof and I, both teachers, have Learner among our superpowers. Janalisa and #2 daughter both have “Woo,” the ability to charm people. Daughters #1 and 2 both are Achievers. Janalisa and I are both Ideation people.

Each of us has a superpower we share with no one else on the team. I’m a Maximizer. The Art Prof has Context. #1 daughter has Responsibility. I could go on.

The amazing thing to me is that all six of us so far have Input in our top five.

Input is about collecting stuff: information, ideas, stuff like that.

I’m not sure what this tells us, if anything. We put #1 daughter in charge of the money and Janalisa in charge of sales, but I guess when it comes to gathering information and ideas, we can all put on our capes and leap over tall buildings.