Here we are with a whole new year.

For our business, we need to maintain 10 full service clients and build 24 websites at a good, fair price. For myself, I plan to make my health and well-being a priority. For my family, I plan to see both boys graduated so I can check “bringing up kids”off my list. Those are the big goals.

Each of those goals needs to be broken down into action steps and milestones and stuff like that.

I also have some smaller side goals. Some are left over from last year (I was going to learn tailoring, but only got as far as Lesson 5), some are repeats from last year because they were good choices for me last year (spending time with friends, exercising regularly, taking weekends off), some are ongoing challenges that I probably always have to work on (dressing like a grownup, enjoying more active recreation).

I actually did pretty well on last year’s goals.

I’m working through a New Years workbook. I like workbooks. What can I say? They work for me. I have the luxury of some alone time today, so I plan to finish that up. I also intend to clean my bedroom, to do the day’s workout, and to resist getting back to work today as much as possible. Tomorrow I’ll get back to work — with any luck, I’ll be doing so refreshed and with a new sense of purpose.