Researchers have found (and we knew it anyway) that the beginning of the new school year feels like New Years to moms. We still have two in school, and have just seen our youngest off to a great distance for his new school year. I started back to choir last night. I head off to the class I teach tomorrow. The HGP starts next week.  All in all, it feels at least like a bit of  punctuation to the year.

So it’s a good time to get back to Daily Burn. That’s my weight chart from the Daily Burn site at left. I know it works if I do it. It’s just hard for me to follow the rules when I’m stressed, overworked, busy… in short, when I have an ordinary life in the modern world.

We have a new website build lined up for next month and plenty of content work going on. Our own website is still requiring work, but the urgency of getting it fixed has receded, since it has been live for several weeks with its current problems and I’ve dealt with the worst things.

The schedule changes naturally at this point in the year, so it should be a good time to get gym visits back on the docket and to take up The One Thing, plus a renewed commitment to GTD and my morning and evening routines. A bit of structure to the day will keep me from working insane hours, and I don’t think it’ll do the business any harm.