I spoke with all of my kids today, and Janalisa came for tea and a chat. I had planned to ask her about her New Year’s goals and/or resolutions, but we started talking about our kids, as moms so often do, and I forgot.

I like planning out my goals at New Year’s. I love that I have some time by myself to do that.

It’s gratifying, though, that my kids were concerned about my being alone for New Year’s Eve. Being alone is more conducive to deep thought, though.

I expect to feel ready to go back to work on Wednesday.

I lost another pound, but I also cheated today. “Cheat” is, like “evil,” a word that doesn’t seem relevant to food. However, I ate several of The Evil Six. I knew I was going to have some wine this evening, and would therefore have to begin Ignite all over tomorrow. I therefore went ahead and had chocolate. I also had pancakes for breakfast. May I say that none of the “cheating” was all that thrilling?

So I’ll start over tomorrow, secure in the knowledge that I will be able to stick to the rules till January 21.