We had our weekly staff meeting at #1 daughter’s new place today, with our newest staff member joining us. I made Brunch Squares and #1 daughter made a melon salad, and we had a tour of the new place before settling in to work.

#2 son had a good start on the new and improved blogging system.

We completed the meeting and set a date for a family dinner party, and then I headed to the Evil Palace of Books, having gotten a suggestion for the Little Boy’s birthday gift. #2 daughter called. She was also in a bookstore, so we had a good meandering conversation as we toured the aisles of our respective bookstores.

She had been to the Da Vinci Exhibition and I wished that I had.

Next up, groceries. Then I went home, put away the groceries, tidied the dining room, grudgingly did some small work tasks, made a homemade pizza,  and spent the evening hemming.

It looks like spring, complete with violets blooming and rain. I need to get into the garden.