No choir tonight, because there was a threat of snow. I therefore got in another 2 hours… but maybe not as productive as it could’ve been. Indeed, I think I was less productive at work than usual today, too. It could be the result of my hours of meetings yesterday.

I am reading The Healthy Deviant. Nothing startling so far, but the author encourages us to notice our less healthy choices with lively interest. That is, I don’t get cross with myself about that pie a la mode. I don’t even try not to eat it. I just notice with lively interest that I eat it.

We are also encouraged to spend three minutes in peaceful waking activity in the morning, and to wind down nicely at night. We should eat whole, unprocessed foods and sleep. We should take breaks, too, Pomodoro style.  I know these things, and even do them. I assume we will soon be encouraged to exercise regularly.

But we are also supposed to be paying attention. If we need a rest, we should take it. We should cut ourselves some slack. I am trying to take lively interest in my body’s messages to me.

I would say that I responded with relief to the news that I would have a couple extra hours of knitting tonight. I did a Daily Burn workout in response, for the first time perhaps in weeks.