The Newport Classic Turtleneck is at the Venus de Milo stage, lacking sleeves. Actually, I started the left sleeve on a 10″ sleeve needle, size 6.

I have previously read claims that you can try on a top-down sweater for fit, but never tried it. So I tried it. The sweater is very boxy, it seems to me, but it does fit. Maybe the tall ribbing makes it look boxier, or maybe I don’t have the waist for it.

It fits, though, so I am obviously going to finish it and wear it.

I think I might end up wishing I had made it longer. On the other hand, I might just decide not to be vain. It’s very soft and lovely.

Today I spent quite a lot of money. #1 daughter accidentally broke an antique bowl, Roseville pottery which belonged to my great-grandmother. I replaced it — she offered to, but it was expensive and she has little babies. I was happy to find that it was available for purchase at Etsy.

And I bought fabric. Clearly, I should not have done that. I have a large stash of fabric. And a new knitting book, though of course I have plenty of those, too. Also Perrier and tuna fish, since well you know the coronavirus. I probably should not have done that shopping, but I am not going to be cross with myself and spoil the enjoyment. After all, I’ve already done it.