Darren Hardy of Success magazine suggests that paying attention to the news increases stress without adding value to our lives.  #1 Son suggests that people who don’t keep up with the news not be allowed to vote.

I get my news from the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Show, and inadvertently while searching for news relevant to the blogs I write.

Yesterday I had a suggestion from Hulu (where I watch the Daily Show) for another news show. ABC nightly news, I think. I clicked on it, and was greeted with a barrage of horror. Car accidents, flooding, crimes including the shootings for which we have become internationally known… Good things and bad things happened, but only the bad things make the news. These events were delivered with breathy excitement and gory photos, but the truth is, I am no more affected by a stranger’s car crash in another state than by a stranger’s birthday party in another state.

It makes me wonder how much news we ought to be staying on top of. I guess I feel that we should know about the things that affect us directly, the things we have to make decisions about, and the things that will end up being history.

How can we tell? That’s the hard part. We don’t know what’s going to be important in the future. Is Pokemon Go a fad like goldfish swallowing, or the thing that will bring VR into daily life, factories, and hospitals? Is the flooding in Louisiana just flooding, or a sign that climate change is no longer within our power to fix?

And should we then delve deeply into major world news, advances in science, and changes in the arts — and get our local news from Facebook? I may have to mull over this further.

In  personal news, I finished watching the Iconic Tweed Jacket class. The making of the jacket is scheduled for October. I have a little tweed jacket which I made as a potentially wearable muslin years ago. It didn’t turn out well and I never made the “real” jacket. As I look at it now, I can see that the main pieces are okay but the sleeves are put in very badly. The lining is okay, but the hem was done wrong so the jacket doesn’t hang well. And it’s too large in the shoulder, even though it still fits well in the bust.

So I think I’ll remove the sleeves and alter the shoulder line and then put the sleeves in correctly. If the jacket fits at that point, I’ll redo the hem properly. If it looks good then, I’ll do the ribbon and braid correctly for a practice run. If it all works out, I’ll have a nice little jacket. If not, I’ll have had some skills practice for the October jacket.

I’ll fit this in with the quilt and my knitting projects.

This isn’t news, and won’t be part of history except in that Chanel’s little French jacket has been one of the few great fashion classics to stay in style for a century. But I think it’s probably just as valuable a piece of knowledge as the occurrence of a horrific car crash.