I have a dress for the baby on the needles, plus two sweaters and a shawl. I have another shawl in mind, too, and I’ve swatched for the Ginger Lace Cardigan from Vintage Modern Knits.

I know I want to do a lace cardigan with Venus Blue Prism. This one from No-Sew Knits also appeals to me, and I would definitely have enough yarn. I have quite a bit of Venus, but it’s hand-dyed, and to my eye it doesn’t all seem to match. I’ve gotten accustomed to ignoring the dye lot — and that’s a mistake in this case.

However, I think I have just enough time before Christmas present making season to make one thing for myself. I’ve been planning to make a lace shawl all year. Will I be disappointed if I don’t make that shawl?

I always enjoy the decision.