No Decision Meals

Blueberry and Peach Protein Waffles

Some research suggests that eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch keeps people from overeating and can encourage weight loss.

For one thing, eating the same thing habituates us to it and makes it less exciting. For another, we don’t have the decision making moment when we think, “Oooh — I’ll go out for doughnuts!” or decide on burgers and ice cream.

So I eat protein waffles and fruit for breakfast. Maybe a smoothie with that, certainly a cup of tea.


And I have fish and salad for lunch. Baked salmon and a big plate of 50/50 spinach and baby greens if I’m in a hurry, something more creative if I have time.

It’s a good system. I know that my breakfast contains a couple of the Evil 6 (gluten, which doesn’t bother me, and 3 grams of sugar even if I skip syrup — no dairy) but a mushroom omelet isn’t satisfying all morning. My protein waffles keep me happy till lunchtime at 1:00.

I may grab a piece of fruit midafternoon (let’s face it: if there were chocolate chip cookies, I’d grab those, but there aren’t), but my totally clean eating lunch generally takes care of me till dinner at 6:00 or 7:00.