I get up at 6:00 and do my 30 minutes/3,000 steps. No excuses.

I have a no decision breakfast of high-protein waffles and berries, or a hotel breakfast — scrambled eggs, a roll, fruit.

A no decision lunch of fish and salad at 1:00.

No snacks — no decisions.

That’s what works. Even if I get off track, I know what to come back to.

But I want to do strength training and a hike each week. No particular time, so I have to figure it out, watch for an opportunity, all that. I rarely get around to it.

And I want to limit desserts or maybe stop having them at all. I’m not committed. I make up my mind every day, and often make the wrong decision.

So I think I need a no-decision no excuses plan for those remaining decision points. I’m giving myself a week to decide and commit.