I depend on No Excuses exercise and No Decisions eating. No Excuses exercise means that I do my basic daily exercise — for me, it’s 30 minutes of stepping with Wii Fit — every day, no excuses.

Actually, I have had some gaps recently. First came the surgery, with “no strenuous activity” after each eye. Then the trip to Colorado. Then house guests and Christmas. At this point, I have had a lot of excuses.

So I’m recommitting. Actually, my grandson had switched my Wii Fit with Mario Kart in the Wii machine and the Baby had toddled off with the Wii Fit disc. I spent about half an hour searching for the disc, but I didn’t allow that to be an excuse to skip my stepping.

For 2019, I want to increase my exercise. I have lots of other options for exercise, of course, but none of the other activities are on a No Excuses schedule. That means that they are occasional, when convenient and when I feel like it. In other words, not nearly often enough.

Daily Burn keeps track for me and provides some accountability. I did 1-3 days a week in the fall of the 10 minute weights workouts. I enjoy this, and it’s practical — I can get dinner started and then do my weights. I think I can make this a No Excuses plan and tie it to the end of my work day.

I also want to get outside. I used to enjoy outdoor walks and hikes but haven’t been doing that in recent years. I’m going to make that a monthly goal and schedule it for myself on my calendar.

Finally, I want to increase my steps. In 2018, I rarely managed 5,000 steps a day, let alone 10,000. I’m not sure how I will accomplish this, but I plan to work out the details. It’s all about goals supported by habits.

Recent research shows that “committed” exercisers, those who do cardio for 30 minutes 4-5 times a week, maintain heart health and flexible arteries even into old age. I’m a committed exerciser, and I think I can do even better in 2019.