I talked with the diabetes educator yesterday. “I think I have this under control,” I bragged.

My A1C has been below 7 every time it’s been tested since last September. It was 6.1 at the follow up this week and I’ve been using just 2 units of insulin a day for a couple of months. I’d be happy as a clam with my health at this point if it weren’t for the continuing dizziness.

So just to be certain, the educator suggested going off of insulin entirely for a week to see if that helps. Apparently 2 units is basically a placebo-level dose, too small to make any difference for most people.

So with some trepidation I skipped the insulin last night. My blood glucose was in range last night and this morning, even so.

Everything in the garden is lovely. My dizziness did not magically improve overnight, but maybe it will help.