Last week, with snow on the ground, I decided to make this. Today it’s 78 degrees, so I’ve changed my mind.

My husband went to work today. I got up at 5:00 to make his breakfast, saw him off to work, and began my morning routine. I took the dog out, went to Sunday School, where we discussed unconditional love, and sang a little Vivaldi in church.

I did some housework and enjoyed lunch on the patio, but mostly spent the day knitting.

I had dinner ready when my husband got back from work. He quit the job. One day.

The love of God, our Sunday School book tells us, is unmerited, unchanging, other directed. We should love like this, too. My husband has been unemployed for 21 months, with no income at all for seven of those months.

This shouldn’t affect how I feel about him. I enjoy lolling around on weekends, and I’ve never tried factory work. Maybe I should be understanding about his desire to loll around instead of doing hard work. I’m not, though.