rose01 I’ve succumbed to some illness. Coughing, sore throat, headache, dizziness, sneezing, and general malaise. I came down with it on Wednesday, spent most of Thursday in bed, had to get up and work yesterday, and am going back to bed today.

I figure if I spend the day in bed reading, I’ll be better by Monday.

This will be good, because people want things.

It’s hard, if you don’t feel well, to care properly about what other people want. At least that’s my experience.

The picture here is not my bedroom. I don’t know whether I would feel better if it were. This is the pattern of my wallpaper border. For some reason, as I lay in bed in what is admittedly a fairly messy room right now, I thought that I might want to make matching curtains. I looked the pattern up and found this picture.

The pattern is discontinued, it seems, though at one time I could have completely filled a room with Norfolk roses.

I have lost ten pounds this month, in spite of eating pizza yesterday at the staff meeting. #1 daughter and I arrived at the meeting early so we could have a bit of an admin meeting. We lost one of our people yesterday, so I have to get all her accounts shifted over to other people this weekend. Then the Art Professor arrived and we worked on some process stuff. Then Janalisa arrived and we had some chats abotu clients, during which #1 daughter says I was pretyty negative about clients.

It’s just because I’m sick. I’m going to have breakfast and copious amounts of tea and get some work done until my husband wakes up. Then I’m going to tidy up and change the sheets so that, while I won’t be in a bower of roses, I will at least be in a pleasant room. At that point, it will be Kindle and tea for me all day and perhaps I will be well by Monday.