So how are things chez Fibermom?

My various plans and tools and systems, which are supposed to help me keep on track with a healthy, organized life, have broken down.

My Fitbit died and, after 6 weeks or so, they sent me another — which doesn’t work. I can hardly go back and demand another replacement, but I really miss it and I know I’m wallking less. I’m considering buying a new one, but having had two that don’t work and buying another seems a little crazy, or at least overoptimistic.

Daily Burn no longer shows our meals, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t been keeping track properly anyway. I eat fairly well by now, but I still eat more of the Evil 6 than I should and I’m certainly not getting thinner.

Rescue Time proves that I’m working more than I should, but #1 son thinks the work is not being organized properly and he mauy be right.

  • Hours at the computer for September: 240.5
  • August: 270
  • July: 206.5

Add meetings and classes, and it’s clear that Q3 involved a lot of work. However, it’s also 82 days till Christmas. I finished the back of #2 son’s sweater, but I’m worrying that it might be too small. The HGP is moving into kids’ rooms tomorrow, but I still have today to do thisweek’s chore: the master bath and linen closet. Since I have no kids at home, I can spend next week catching up and get the master bedroom done, too. I’ve done a little of the shopping, but I can probably do more of that this week, too.

Today is Saturday, and I am determined to do some housework and knitting. Tomorrow I have some fun planned — Godspell with the ladies — and then I’ll get a good start on the week.