Skipping the Watch Party


I was planning to go to a watch party tonight. Here’s why I’m not going to it (nor to the symphony, my other invitation):

  • It’s going to start in 10 minutes and I’m not yet through working, never mind things like dinner and getting dressed.
  • Over 500 people have said (on Facebook) that they’re going. It will be a crush, and I might not even be able to find/join friends who said they’re going.
  • My husband will return tomorrow. Glad as I will be to see him, this is my last evening by myself. I am sort of soaking up solitude to keep me from being too stressed when I return to normal (or at least normal sub unemployed husband) life.

I could keep going. The amount of work still needing to be done, my desire to make some progress on the Chimera Jacket, the Christmas knitting which gets increasingly urgent as time passes, the fact that I have at last started moving off my weight-loss plateau and would spoil that with cocktails, my need to tidy up the house for my husband… I don’t usually believe in excuses, but my slight agoraphobia allows me to create scads of them when it comes to staying home.

However, I had good talks with several of my kids, a wholesome dinner, and a walk. Then I enjoyed the debate.