I fell off the wagon again. I went to a seafood restaurant, which I had chosen because I knew I could get broiled fish and salad there, along with #1 son and #1 daughter for our weekly staff meeting. But #1 son ordered fish and chips, and I found myself doing the same. Beer batter doubtless includes both alcohol and grains.

Then we went to the Fresh Market, where I bought lots of lovely produce, including a new vegetable, celery heart, which I plan to braise with a mustard vinagrette — and brioche hamburger buns and strudel, both of which I ate between then and now. The burger, with sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, and baby greens, was delicious with fruit salad on the side.

But that was later. After the grocery, #1 daughter and I went to a matinee, where I ate movie popcorn, which I am quite sure is not allowed on the Whole 30. It was fun to go to a matinee, and fun to spend some extra time with #1 daughter.

When I got home, I decided it was better to be hung for a sheep than for a lamb and made myself the aforementioned delicious hamburger.

So the question at this point is not whether I should start over, with just one week of my original Whole 30 to go, but whether I should give up entirely.

I have not experienced any life-changing results so far, but of course I haven’t done the Whole 30 wholly, either. I could start over (possibly waiting until after Valentine’s Day) and be finished before the end of Lent. Or I could accept the things I’ve learned from the experience and return to Balance, with 15 portions of the Evil 6 per week, and have a satisfying, healthy way of eating that I can manage even when I eat with other people.

But is there any point to resuming the Whole 30 for another week, knowing that I probably won’t do another full 30 days of it?