sleeve I couldn’t work on Saturday. I just couldn’t. I did some housework, decorated a bit (see the mantel below), read the latest Stephanie Plum, and made good progress on the second sleeve of #2 daughter’s Christmas sweater.

On Sunday, I got up and worked for a couple of hours and got in another couple of hours at night. In between, I went to church and sang a solo, had breakfast with a couple of friends, went to the second service and sang again, attended an excellent production of “She Stoops to Conquer”with Bella and Sword, hung out with my husband, and continued the second sleeve.

“She Stoops to Conquer” is an 18th century drama by Oliver Goldsmith. In it, a pair of young men are told that a private house is an inn, and they go in and behave as though it were. This prank was actually played on Oliver Goldsmith when he was 16, and by the time he wrote the play he had recovered enough to see the humor. We all left the playhouse (or rather, the university) determined to read it, and I have downloaded it on my Kindle so I might actually follow through.


I love the fact that we all had that thought. With so many people, this would have been not just an unshared thought, but also such a geeky thought that I wouldn’t even have mentioned that I planned to do it.

In all, it was a pleasant, relaxing weekend with a reasonable amount of productivity.

Things were a bit frantic today. But only a bit. I was taking weekends off or mostly off for quite a while there and the sky didn’t fall, so I think I can do that.

#2 son texted me a picture of his dinner to demonstrate that he is eating vegetables. True, this indicates that eating vegetables is a rare thing for him to do. Nonetheless, it makes me feel better. If he can begin eating vegetables again in spite of the difficulties of doing so in his circumstances, then I can surely take weekends off in spite of the difficulties of doing so in mine.