I went to see a cardiologist today. He assured me that there’s nothing wrong with my heartm, which was what I figured.

As for my vertigo, he said it was that my blood pressure fell when I stand up.

That’s true. It was 127/70 when I was sitting and 106/66 when I stood.

But 100/60 is my typical reading, and it’s normal. I’ve had that as my typical reading for many years, and have not been dizzy all the time.

The nurse’s exercises are actually helping. I’m back at my desk with my new mini Mac. I’m doing a fair amount of housework and exercising a bit. I’m tired by the end of the day and I still feel rather weak, but I’m not falling down or vomiting.

I am about ready to figure this is the best it’ll get and I can live with it.

But the doctor’s dismissive advice irritated me quite a bit. I think he was just saying, “There’s nothing wrong with your heart and I’m a cardiologist, so get out and leave me alone.” Which I guess is reasonable of him.

I’m through with testing, though.