Janalisa came over yesterday and reminded me that it’s two weeks till Christmas. She hasn’t done any of her preparations, she said — and I know she usually does a lot of preparations.

Life is busy, so anyone who didn’t do the HGP probably won’t be completely ready unless they’re prepared to go nuts.

Are cowboys kind of like shepherds? Steve Weisberg wrote this song in the 1970s for John Denver, so it doesn’t really have anything to do with cowboys or shepherds.

But Christmas is about mythology. The baby in the snowy stable… while the shepherds tended their flocks in the fields at night, which implies that is was lambing time, spring. Or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, who was made up by and for Montgomery Ward’s marketing department. Or the perfectly decorated house filled with pretty homemade cookies and perfectly wrapped gifts with the relaxed, happy mom beaming at all the children.

I don’t feel compelled to do that any more. I used to, I admit, but I no longer operate the Christmas Machine. I love Christmas, and I want my family to have a wonderful holiday, but I don’t decorate very room in the house, I don’t have a freezer full of cookies —

Granted, I had been to Hobby Lobby that morning to get more stocking hangers and stockings. I still don’t know how many I’ll have for Christmas morning, so I decided I should have the maximum number — 12 — just in case.


So my grown kids’ Significant Others won’t think Santa forgot them?

I guess there’s still room for mythology.