My A1c went up from 5.9 to 6.5. My GFR went down from 26 to 22.5. These numbers are going in the wrong directions. My BUN and creatine numbers actually got a little better compared with last month, but I was disheartened to see those numbers.

Still, my A1C has been below 7 for a year now and my kidney function has improved slightly since last year, so I should feel pretty good.

Our church choir director has the same diagnoses I have — diabetes, interstitial nephritis, anemia — nad is on dialysis with 5% kidney function. I don’t know what his A1C is but he has been doing the treatments I refused, and things are not going better for him. He is half my age.

The doctor asked me who I was traveling with and who I was staying with. I told her I was traveling alkone but meeting up with my daughter and SIL. “You’re meeting them there?” she asked. I think she was ready to tell me not to go, but did not do so.

The nurse had me walk back and forth for him.  I guess I passed for general stability. Nobody told me not to travel.