DSCN3348   #1 daughter and I met for our weekly business meeting yesterday. We have been going to downtown bistros with vegetable-heavy brunches, but I have noticed that she doesn’t eat much at those places.

I mentioned it and she shook her head. “I hate healthy food in the morning,” she admitted.

I like healthy food in the morning but I have been accepting any excuse to eat the Evil 6, so I cheerfully went off to Panera with her and had a pecan braid. DSCN3349

This will have to change.

So will some things in our business. We are ready to move brackets. This might require a little rebranding. We are doing well with our systems, though. There’s a lot of work to be done in implementing the systems, but we’re making progress with design.

Having made some decisions and taken some notes, we headed off to the nursery. I bought some nice plants for the porchside boxes and planted them.  Those boxes were a real pleasure last year, when I spent a good bit of time on the porch reading. DSCN3350

I hope to spend a good bit of time out there reading this year, too.

I also bought some herbs and veg, both plants and seeds, and I will be planting those today after church.

Finally, I collected some annuals for the front garden. We planted bulbs, but they are hiding in the ground, sleeping, doing nothing. This is because they are summer bulbs. With some nice annuals to make things cheery till they get to work, the front garden should look a bit better.

I might need more plants out there. I didn’t really plan well. We were mostly just wandering happily through the nursery, going “Oooh!” and sticking plants in our cart.

We spent almost exactly as much this year as last, which was good work on our part, I think. Aside from planting things, I also have church today and paper grading. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll teach, but I might miss it when I stop. I certainly won’t miss grading, though.