I sped out this morning to a conference of church musicians. Some of my favorite people were there, including The Empress and That Man, among others.

The speaker, Michael Morgan, was exceptionally good, and he had brought along his collection of psalteries ancient and modern.

Here’s  a surprising version of the 100th Psalm:

Psalme C.

Joy all men : terrestriall,
Reioyce in God : celestiall,
I byd not Jewes: especiall,
But Jewes and Greekes : in generall.

Serve ye thys Lord : heroicall,
Wyth joy of hart : effectuall :
Seke ye hys sight : potentiall,
Wyth hymnes of myrth : most musicall.

Know ye thys Lord : imperiall,
As God us made : originall :
Not we our selves : he doth vs call,
Hys folke as flocke : kept pastorall.

Remarkable, eh?

I came away with some inspiring notes for Worship Committee and it was, as advertised, learning, refreshing, and fun.

I came home and read for a bit, hung out with my husband, did a small amount of work, and shampooed the dog.  Then I cut out another pair of the Marrakesh Drawstring Pants. I’m wearing the first pair right now. They are exactly like wearing pajamas, but they look a bit more stylish.

If I went back right now, I could sew them up and then spend some time tomorrow doing the hemming and whatnot.

Alternatively, I could cut out another SWAP 2015 garment or two, and sew them all up efficiently in the evenings. Or I could sit out among the flowers reading a novel.

Decisions, decisions.