I had an odd dream last night. In the dream, I had an app (in my brain, apparently) which caused my mind, when I thought of something unpleasant, to switch immediately to something more pleasant. If I thought about Trump, it shifted to President Obama — hence the name. If I thought about the frequency with which I have been eating sugar or using my credit cards during the run-up to the holidays, it shifted my attention to something else.

It was around 3:00 a.m. that I noticed this dream, and I was still awake at 5:00 a.m. Too much excitement, maybe, since that's been my explanation for the Baby's sleeping troubles lately.

Yesterday I worked just till lunchtime and then we hung around, #1 daughter, #2 son, the Baby, and I. The pastor came over with a loaf of bread and a bottle of olive oil — and some kind words about my three years of service on the Session, which end on the 1st, assuming I get my report in by then.

Then #2 son made us steak and baked potatoes and broccoli for dinner, and we watched The Brother Grimm, which was actually pretty terrifying. It takes place in French-occupied Germany, which kind of took me aback. Our Alsatian family, from Alsace and in particular Bas-Rhin, have always been presented as French people from the part of France which had fulid borders with Germany. It sort of changed back and forth, the family story goes, and at one point people got to choose between being French or being German. My great grandmother Eugenie chose to be French and her sister Lily chose to be German.

Pleasant little story, right? Apparently this was actually the Franco-Prussian war, the occupation of the left bank of the Rhine during the French Revolution, and an enduring conflict that led to World War I.

Looking back at our ancestors from Northern France, I now see that they had French first names — Pierre, Georges, Chretien, Eugenie, Michel, Phillipe — but German last names: Reissinger and Hillbold. I need to learn more about this, I think.

If we had not watched that movie shortly after the DNA test results arrived, it would not have occurred to me that there was an unpleasant part of our family history. I just sort of thought, hmm, they moved around a lot! But the world events obviously had an effect.

Real life doesn't offer an Obamoompa feature.