DSCN3561 October and May are the best months. October begins today. It’s cooled down a bit, the fall schedule has started up and settled in, fresh fruits and vegetables are still to be had in plenty.

Yesterday began with lots of writing. Next up was a meeting with a client in the Next County. They work in a building which was a sanitorium and a morgue, and which is reputed to be haunted.

What would it be like to work in a haunted space? None of the people at the meeting had seen a ghost, so I still don’t know. It’s a seasonable thing to muse upon, I suppose.

Following the meeting came more writing, and then Master Chorale, and then dinner with my husband followed by the grading of papers while listening to Respighi. That kept me up late, but I still read a bit before turning out the light.

Ordinary time.