I’ve had several Personal Sewing Day Saturdays in a row, enjoyed them, and made progress on my SWAP. Today, I began by helping my stepfather get his old apartment cleaned up. He has moved into assisted living, which is a good thing, and his sister and I helped him deal with all the stuff he doesn’t want to take with him. Starting at 8:00 a.m.

I got home in time for lunch and determined to continue with my PSD Saturday streak. I have the new Sunshine Tops pattern from Hot Patterns. The old Sunshine Tops are a TnT pattern for me. I have probably made a dozen over the years, so I was pleased to see some more variations — long sleeves, a banded edge, and these have pleats rather than gathers.


I cannot make the pleats work. I tried many times last week when I cut it out, and I tried again, with the wadded up and severely wrinkled fabric, today.

Then I got a bit of exciting family news. Like the exciting news in my business, this is confidential, so I can only say it is exciting.

In fact, it is so exciting that I was seized by a rush of optimism and a) determined to go ahead and cut out the Chimera Jacket, also from Hot Patterns, in spite of completely failing with the new Sunshine Tops and b) to go ahead and buy some more of that nice orchid knit and use the old Sunshine Tops gathered front until I figure out how to pleat the new Sunshine Tops.


This is a St. John’s lavender-gray ponte wool from Emma One Sock, much like the lavender-gray in the Spring 2016 Pantone color forecast, so I will make it with great care and if I don’t finish it in time to wear it for fall I’ll have it for spring.

Note how I’m assuming that I’ll be able to wear it after I make it. That’s how cheerful I’m feeling after hearing the good news.