So I had the biopsy and the blood tests and the X-ray and the urine tests, and then after I had confidently decided that I was fully recovered, I became so dizzy that I could not safely walk or even stand.

That has not been fun.

I went to the emergency room, where they gave me a CT scan and an MRI and a bunch more blood tests, but had no solutions. My list of Things I Don’t Have now also includes a stroke.

#1 daughter made meals for me, bless her, so that I could eat even though I couldn’t stand up at the stove long enough to cook. I also worked, but otherwise I mostly slept. It was a lot like the lost month of April.

After a couple of weeks, I began to improve slowly. I was able to knit again.

Then it snowed.

The next thing that happened was announcements from Seamwork of the DYW challenge, which will begin this year on February 28th. I thought about maybe not needing to participate this year, since I can still wear the clothes I made last year. I certainly own 7 pairs of pants that fit, and well over 7 tops.

But this year’s colors are different from the corals and blues of the past few years.

They’re soft, dusty pastels. I don’t have these colors in my wardrobe.

And Spoonflower sent me a notice of a 20% off sitewide sale.

So I bought a skirt length in Granite Green and a floral jersey in Very Peri. That’s all. No yarn.

I figure a skirt and one more top, plus a cardi in some soft color will update my wardrobe without being excessive. Maybe I can make that jacket from La Droguerie.

It’s kind of Muted Clay.

Does a fabric purchase count against my Cold Sheep resolution?