We had an office party yesterday evening, the first ever, and Janalisa and the Art Teacher came, Janalisa with her family. We took no pictures. We had reminded one another beforehand that we should take pictures, if only for our Pinterest board, but as so often happens, we got distracted by having fun and forgot to take pictures.

We had food and drink and Christmas crackers and played Apples to Apples. Then #1 daugher and I did some minor soapmaking.

I think I have to get to major soapmaking today, not to mention ferocious knitting. I need to get presents finished because time is running out.

In fact, it is so close to Christmas now that today’s song can be “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!”  Charles Wesley wrote the words in 1739 and Felix Mendelssohn wrote the tune in 1840, so there was a century during which people could only read the poem. What a waste. Sing this boldly, with everyone you can find to join you.