I used Kids Room Week to clean up the sewing room (however little) and I plan to use Guest Room Week to clean up my office. Tidying of the office is seriously needed.

I also just learned that #2 son will be home for Thanksgiving, so I will also be making sure that the sewing room will be a comfy guest room.

Another meal should go into the freezer, too, and 1/8 of gifts should be bought and wrapped. We should buy canned goods and continue spending an hour on Christmas gifts… which I have flat out not been doing. I’ve been trying to get my Delish Cardi and the Sports Quilt finished so I can focus on Christmas gifts.

Man proposes, we were reminded in church today; God disposes. Not that I think God is deeply interested in my needlework arrangements. Still, God’s eye is on the sparrow, who never finishes any quilt at all, so perhaps these things are not below God’s notice.


As fall arrives, though, and flowers get a final revival among the falling leaves, we get a reminder that there is no smooth upward path promised to us.

The Sunday School chapter was on necessary suffering. We want a life without suffering, but this is not actually what we need. This is not what life is like. What we do with the challenges of our lives is the important thing.