August is near, and I still have a couple of Craftsy classes to complete for my Summer School, including one on sewing the iconic Chanel-style tweed jacket. Here’s the fabric for that class: an Oscar de la Renta boucle tweed, quite lightweight, incorporating threads of rose and chocolate brown.

The truth is, I tend to wear plain, neutral solid colored trousers or jeans, solid colored shells or shirts, and plain leather flats. The star of my professional outfit is always a jacket.

Having outgrown most of my collection of jackets, I have even more of a reason to learn to make them properly for my Fall 2016 SWAP. I say “even more” because I have wanted for years to learn to tailor jackets properly. I don’t know why, but it has always seemed to me to be the most interesting kind of sewing project.

I’ve made quite a few by now, and I have to say that they are still not as good as I want them to be. But hope springs eternal. The pattern for this Craftsy class is Vogue 7975, and I see nice examples at sewing blogs all over the internet.


I’m planning to make a couple of other jackets for the SWAP as well. Perhaps with deep concentration, and careful attention to the three Craftsy tailoring classes I now have, I will succeed.

It took me two weeks to make the jacket at the bottom of this post from one of the aforementioned classes, and Palmer & Plesch say it takes 33 hours to make a tailored jacket, but the jackets I’m planning are the one shown above and the one shown below — no complex collars, no fastenings, so I am pretty confident that I  can complete them in the same amount of time or less.


I therefore plan to complete three jackets in October and November. That sounds a bit crazy, but we’ll see.