My cake with mousse and gelee looks like a cupcake with icing, but I am getting closer to a proper entremet.

I also had a nice Mediterranean fish with fennel, tomatoes, and potatoes, as well s the capers and olives that give that briny taste which is not my favorite.

I have another piece of fish which will be fried up a la meunière tonight. I had positive Zoom meetings today and it was good to be confident that I was respectably dressed and turned out.

And I talked with #2 daughter about solidifying our eat and move habits.

February 15 is the start of Spring 2021 DYW, so I think that is the natural ending point for my Health & Beauty Project. I will get all my positive habits and routines in place in the coming week and have two weeks to conquer pain and finish getting my sewing room in order.

Then I will be ready for the DYW, healthy and brimming with savior-faire.