It’s been a week since my oral surgery and it is one week till my final appointment. I’m experiencing less pain. It seems much longer than a week.

Since I was babysitting this morning, I skipped my morning exercise again. I have been on hiatus for a full week.

I’m still eating soft food and I am unhappy with that. Where are my vegetables? Oatmeal and scrambled eggs, canned soup. That’s about it. Sigh.

I have been sleeping more. Last week I averaged 7 hours and 55 minutes. 8 hours is my goal. 7 hours and 31 minutes this week. Only about 2,000 steps a day. I’m not being crazy about it or frustrated with myself, but I am looking forward to getting back into my regular routine.

In the past year, I’ve had cataract surgery and oral surgery. I hate medical care. It involves pain and disruption. Expense, too. These two things cost more than a special vacation and were much less fun. I feel like I got all of this over in one year and I won’t have to do any of this any more.

Vacations in the future instead.

But there might actually be more health care costs. And disruption. And pain.

I hope not. I hope that my attention to EMS (Eat Sleep Move) will pay off. But getting older includes realities that I guess I might not really be prepared for. I don’t know exactly what aging will look like.

Still, one thing that comes with age is grandchildren.

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There’s just nothing better.