Usually by now the fun is winding down and the kids are getting back to their own homes and work is starting up. This year, with a wedding next week and Christmas Eve on a Thursday,we’re extending the celebrations. But I am thinking a little bit about the past year and the new year on its way.

I’m thinking right now, as we wait for other family members to arrive and partake of the fritatta, cinnamon rolls, sausage and fruit now on the table, about my One Word.

In 2014 I chose “Beauty” as a reminder to appreciate the beauty of my life, to take better care of myself, and to make my home more suitable for our empty nester life.

In 2015 I chose “Clean” to encourage myself to clean up my business, relationships, and habits, and also for clean eating, a focus of this year.

For 2016, I know that I want to step up my fitness regimen, to build on the good changes we made in the business this year, and to be more intentional and orderly in my financial affairs. I’m thinking of “Strength” for my One Word.

Once the others arrive, we’re planning games and a movie: Star Wars, to be precise. I have housework to do, for sure, and probably grocery shopping, though I think I could probably hold off on that till tomorrow.