One of the yarn purchases I made did not work out the way I hoped. I wanted this turquoise yarn, super light for summer tops, at an amazing price. I ordered five skeins, enough for a pretty summer top, and I have several great patterns for just that.

The purple version was also summer light and selling at an amazing price, so I added a few skeins of that to bring the purchase up to the free shipping from Denmark line.

They sold out of the turquoise yarn and only sent me the three skeins of purple.

Only three skeins, so probably not enough for a top. And it’s purple.

If I had known they were sold out of the turquoise, I just wouldn’t have ordered.

Still, I have now ordered yarn from Denmark and supported Ongling, a woman-owned, green, socially responsible business, in a very small way.

I swatched on #5 needles, because I am kind of tired of #2 needles. This makes a light, loose — but not too loose –fabric, so I went ahead and cast on for a summer top. This gives me two summer tops on the needles, plus several wooly things. Will I finish them in time to wear them? Will I have enough yarn for this one? We’ll see.