When I was younger, I often experienced a tension between order and liberty. Some say order and chaos in this context. Either way, we have healthy habits, productive work routines, and a well thought out housekeeping schedule on one side, and doing whatever we feel like on the other.

People live longer, happier, healthier lives when they fall into the orderly camp. I am now my own boss and have nobody I really have to take care of so I could really just do whatever I want all the time. I just don’t want to live like a pirate.

And I don’t want to cope with the consequences of spontaneous living. Having been ill for a couple of weeks, I have some of those consequences to deal with right now, so I know that I don’t want that.

Having Friday nights and Saturdays free to do whatever I want is probably enough. Even if “whatever I want” often means sitting around reading and knitting.