I had no sore muscles from the multi-mile hikes last week, but today I have seriously sore muscles from this week’s DB365 and Lotte Berk weights workouts.

Ahh, sore muscles. Painful, of course, but I love the feeling. I haven’t had it in quite a long time. It’s satisfying.

I’m back to my regular schedule of meals, too. No-decision breakfast of whole grains and fruit. No-decision lunch of salmon and salad. Mindful dinners, a piece of lean protein in a plate of produce.

Can I keep up a more intense fitness effort? Can I control snacking? Can I lose the rest of the weight I want to lose?

Well, I might be able to or I might not, but I might as well keep trying. There’s nothing to lose.

My husband’s not thrilled with his new job, but I get up and make his breakfast and pack his lunch. He heads off at 6:40 a.m. and then I can get to my breakfast, workout, and work.

He comes in around 4:00. I finish work at 6:00 and make dinner. A walk after dinner — I invite him but so far he has always said no.

I wrote today about the connection between obesity and arthritis. “Obesity” doesn’t describe me now, but even being overweight increases chances of arthritis. I’ll head out on my walk now. Sore muscles are much better than arthritis.