DSCN3550 This blurry picture doesn’t do justice to the revolting nature of my burns. They are large purple blisters. One broke during a meeting. I was in a boardroom with two members of a client’s team and six members of a marketing agency’s team, and I felt yukky sticky fluid on my finger.

Minutes later I had to shake hands with everyone.

Best not to think about it.

We had a busy day today. An exciting new project from an old client, enough of an extension on another such project that I don’t feel too hopeless about getting it done, lunch with #1 son, quick strategic talk and exchange of documents with #1 daughter, ditto with #2.

And of course the new website design.

We have a beautiful new mockup from The Art Professor. More on that anon. See a little preview below.


My husband is watching Kung Fu movies. All grunting and slicing noises. The animals are sacked out around him. I’m on the sofa reading novels on my Kindle (I have to review those puppies, you know) and deciding whether or not to get a little more work in today. I was out on the patio for a bit, enjoying the evening, but was driven in by insects and am now enjoying the air conditioning.

So, yes, a normal evening, a satisfying workday.

I am probably too tired to accomplish much in the way of work besides reading that novel I need to review.

I now return to it.