It’s Friday, the end of the work week. I had a productive lunch meeting with #1 daughter and #1 son, got my work for the week almost finished, had a pleasant dinner with my husband, and now he has gone out with the guys and I am lounging around with the dog and the cats on a rainy evening as darkness descends.

I’m not as tired as I was last Friday, but I’m tired enough to be less than perfectly happy. I’ve put in 53.5 work hours at my computer this week, according to RescueTime, plus about six hours of meetings, which is clearly too much, and I still haven’t been sleeping the 7-8 hours I need. I made it to choir and got in a couple of Daily Burn classes this week, and even did a bit of housework, but not much else besides working.

I know that fatigue is enough to put me in a bad mood, but today I also have a toothache, so it’s no surprise that I’m less than perky.

Did you know that toothache can be a symptom of heart attack? That surprised me. I had sort of hoped, when I looked it up, that Dr. Google would tell me that toothaches usually go away by themselves if they are soundly ignored, since that is my favorite approach to physical ailments, but that seems not to be the case.

Now, should I relax and read novels or watch movies and knit, or should I try to be more productive than that, on the theory that if I’m not enjoying myself anyway, I might as well try to get things done? I could work on my sewing, or clean the laundry room, or write up some of my waiting reviews.

Decisions, decisions.

I’ll definitely begin with a nice cup of tea and see where that gets me.