My last purchase before I went cold sheep was this Outlaw Yarn from New Zealand. The packaging, the names of the colors, the cool website, and the possum fiber content were the things that got me. Why do I find skulls on the band appealing? I’m not sure. The single skein should be enough to make this pretty hat.

It’ll be a while before I knit anything from this yarn, though. #2 daughter, when I complained about my crafting bottleneck (unfinished quilt, unfinished SWAP, three sweaters on the needles, Christmas presents, Craftsy class projects…) told me to just pick something, anything, and do it. This seemed like sensible advice, so I am just doing the Delish Cardigan, that’s all.

I got a good bit of knitting done during the Clinton-Trump debate. Trump interrupted Clinton 51 times in 90 minutes, which you’ll notice is more than once every 30 seconds. He also told numerous outright lies, cementing his position as a post-factual candidate. My sister, who lives in New Zealand, where Outlaw Yarn comes from, was confused by the debate. Having Trump as an actual candidate makes America look bad to the rest of the world, she pointed out. I understand that.

So I’m about halfway through the sleeves. Then there’s the sewing up and then a shawl collar, so I’m not that near the finish, but I’m making good progress.

The HGP is having us spend an hour a day on Christmas gifts, though, so I made some lovely soaps from the Brambleberry order which arrived along with the Outlaw Yarn order.

I’ve also wrapped up the bought presents for the week, and put a casserole in the freezer, so I’m making good progress with the holiday prep parts of the HGP.

When I get around to it, the Bohemia Sport will make Belmont or of course some nice sweater from the large number of knitting books I already own.