I went to the training for refugee sponsorship this weekend. I caught a ride with a family from church whom I’ve known for ages, and had a chance to talk with a couple I know slightly from Sunday School. It was an interesting training and I hope we will have the opportunity to help welcome a new family to our community.

We had intended to go to an ice cream social as well, but the Littlest of the Littles is under quarantine after her teacher turned up positive for COVID-19. So I stayed at home. I participated in Sunday School via Zoom, but otherwise I was Knitflixing — watching Jennifer Lopez in Shades of Blue while completing the lace yoke of Aliso Creek Top from Vernal.

I read quite a bit and spent some time with my husband. That’s all I did this weekend.

Truth is, I enjoy being by myself. I like spending time with my family. I often feel that I should be more involved in my community, but I do think selfishly that I would have less time for knitting and reading if I did more volunteer work or more socializing. I do some of both those things, but I waver between thinking that I should do more and feeling happy as I am.