I’m heading out on vacation tomorrow morning. I have packed my knitting bag (though it occurs to me that I should just copy a page or two from each of these knitting books instead of taking the books along).

Last year I packed Adiri #3, and I still have not finished it. How could that be? I’ve knitted lots of things since then, but am still just about 2/3 done with Adiri. I think it has been so long since I worked on it (maybe since last year’s vacation?) that I need to sit down and figure out where I am in the pattern. Probably that need keeps me from picking it up.

In any case, I have my zombie knitting project, Lady Gansey, and also the Delish Cardingan, my knitting project from my summer class “Knit to Flatter.” Lady Gansey needs seven more inches of plain stockinette, so it is the absolute perfect zombie project. If I get the shaping done on Delish today, it will be a seed stitch zombie project.

I’m trying to have an actual vacation this year, not a working vacation, though I know I have to do a little bit of work. But I am just five blog posts away from not having to write a blog post every day. In theory, I could knock those out today and be free. In practice, I know I have to shop and clean and pack today, plus of course soaking up all the sloth and solitude I can, so I think I probably won’t do the writing.

My reviews are also getting caught up and completed today, so that I don’t have to worry about that over the coming week either.

Ah, yes, packing.


My suitcase is neatly bestowed with packing cubes. I’ve tucked my purse into a handy space, and put my jewelry and chargers in the mesh pocket which will hold laundry on the way back.


Dental care and skin care goes in the bag on the left. Make up and whatnot goes in the bag on the right. Both go in the suitcase.


I packed up surprise bags of snacks and toys and such for the children to open along the way. It’s a long trip for small children.


There’s a space for my knitting bag to go into at the end of the day, and when #1 son comes around in the morning to fetch me I shall have all my luggage properly arranged.

Whenever I pack, I think of Jerome K. Jerome’s chapter on packing in Three Men in a Boat. You should go read that now. I’m going back to Delish to make sure I have it past the complicated part by the time we leave.